Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's best? iPhone, Android or Nokia? You decide!

When I searching through forums or just hanging out with my friends, I can always see everyone struggling about today's mobile phones. While someone say Apple iPhone is the best others compete that Android phones got more features. And of course some still prefers Nokia as well. So here we discuss all of them in different aspects.


Considering about features nowadays we can see that most Android phones got all the features old Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones had with the combination of iPhone features as well. As you may already know Apple do not offer users much network facilities such as move data between devices using bluetooth and inbuilt FM radio receivers. While Nokia is struggling among quality of the products to get their users attention, Android devices easily win this competition with ease. Because they have all the features with good quality compared to previous era Nokias. Considering about the maps iPhones do not has a free map service including point to point voice navigation like Androids do and with Nokia maps you can navigate without an internet connection but as their other features maps are inaccurate in all ways and even has many bugs as well. So Google maps win among them easily.


Even though Apple iPhone lack with features which previous generation had it is the most stable mobile phone yet to be discovered in the market so I can say if you get an iPhone you can get 100% satisfaction about the only features they have because they are made with highest quality materials by a company holding it's name for making best computers in the history of the IT since a long time ago. And I would like to mention one of my personal experiences here so I had an iPhone 3G in 2008 and it surprise me for a long time with the features it had at that time. Even it never had any trouble such as files corrupting or phone getting stuck all the time like most Nokias do. But after few months it got broken due to a mistake by a friend (glass broke) then I replaced the glass after a while but sadly again it had broken by mistakenly pulled out ribbon inside it by my brother. Though I can still turn on the phone and do regular things like listening to songs, watching videos and playing games but camera won't work and front speaker has been broken. By the way what I wanted to let you know is even though it has been partially broken I can still access to my previous set of music albums and Apps without a single glitch but when we think about Nokia, no one can survive their data for months in a Nokia phone without corruption. Many cheap Android phones have that issue as well because they are made by different companies outside Google where mismatching will be occur sometimes. So I say iPhone is like a branded computer. You cannot buy a branded PC for cheaper than an assembled one because all the peripherals are configured to perfectly match each other. And you can add contents to an iPhone only by synchronizing it with an authorized computer that has an iTunes library owned by you. So remember that it is the thing which makes them perform very table when playing music videos or playing games because the synchronization will only add content to your device only if they are fully compatible with your phone.It makes you enjoy very smooth playback of the content you own.

One other thing! I don't know whether you remember or not when the first iPhone came out in 2007 there were no any device that had many features it had n handy. It was the first full multi touch smartphone which can still beat most Nokia and Android phones by far. It was the only mobile phone which had an accelerometer and screen rotation. And it featured the best integrated sound combining worlds best portable media player, iPod, with their new phone. So If you still believe the phrase 'Old is gold', then iPhone got 'em all first.


Before 2007 people used to bring their Nintendo DS or Sony PSP wherever they go for playing video games. But when the Apple releases iPhone everyone started to realize that it has an inbuilt accelerometer with good quality hardware like the A4 processor with good graphics so mobile gamers started to buy iPhones instead of portable gaming machines. But in recent years we can see some Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S III feature far more better hardware than iPhone so I would say if you want to do realistic gaming like when you do using your PC, then you can choose among few phones which has good hardware for it (HTC ONE X and Galaxy S III features worlds best mobile GPUs Nvidia Geforce Tegra 3 and Mali-400MP). But as most video game developers aim iPhone market than Android, major games first comes out for iPhones and then for the Androids. We cannot mention Nokia in here because we all know Nokia sucks when it comes to games.

Application support

As Googles big talks they still don't have much Apps in the Google play than Apple App store already got. While Google play has 480,000+ apps Apple store has more than 640,000 apps by the June 2012. And due to various differences between Android phones not all of them support those apps but any iPhone (3GS to 4S) can run any app in there App store without any slowdown as well. Nokia just features few major apps that best suitable for their phones and others are made by 3rd party companies so most of them has compatibility issues and you cannot get much stability with them (they cause slow downs all the time). However with the release of their new Lumia series with Windows mobile it can be quite compared to the Google play but still Apple wins.

Battery Life

When considering this we cannot see much difference between iPhones and Androids because they all survive for lower than a day with heavy use. But Nokia had their name on the battery life since their earliest mobile phones like 1100 and even a latest full touch mobile by Nokia can be used without charging for two or three days.


This is not a new thing to you because you already know that iPhones are not available for cheap like it always did and will cost you more than 800$ to 1000$ sometimes. But as Androids are made by different companies they are available in different sizes and with different features so you can still purchase a decent one for 200$ and if you want to beat iPhone then you have to waste 800$ still. Talking about Nokia hey offer different models per different price scales like they always did so you can get a cheap one for 70$ and a full touch phone for 250$. If you wanna go extreme to compete with Androids and iPhones you must pay 700$+.


Well I hope you already got some idea about what to choose according to your needs but here's what I think about them all.

If you're a hard worker and looking for something that can last for a long time and has good battery life you much choose a suitable Nokia phone unless you will run out of battery during your busy day or you can even easily break that fancy Android or an iPhone by a mistake.
If you want to get everything out of your mobile phone and you care about large screen size then you must get an Android phone that best fits your needs.
Or else if you prefer to be genuine then go for an iPhone because your purchase Apps and music will never get corrupted easily like other phones do. Even with the Apple logo in the back you can always trust your mobile than your computer sometimes as well. So it is up to you from now to decide what to choose for your needs because I can only give suggestions. If you think that I wrote this article to show you what I LIKE, it is wrong because for now I use a Nokia from 2009 and it sucks. However no matter what phone you buy you have to take care of it. I can say mobile phones not made out of stones so they can be also break like all other physical things do.

Good luck for you always!

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