Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog or Website using Easy and Effective Methods!

In this article we discuss easy and effective methods to increase your blog traffic without wasting time for instance, paying attention to search engine optimization. What you write is all that matters.

When I search through the internet, the most discussed topics I can see are always about 'How you can increase your website views and traffic easily' but most of these articles which claims to have the easiest methods to increase traffic cannot be understood by a newbie when he/she just started his or her first blog for the first time and is looking for something easy to help them with increasing page views. So all you need is a simple guide that will show you how to increase your blog traffic effectively using simple techniques.

Pick the most perfect

To achieve that we need to look at how our blog URL looks like so be creative in this always. is not a good URL to put in your blog. Why bother waiting I can show you a good example of my own experience. Just look at most famous website URLs on the internet today. Did they mention some name or any personal information in the URL? No, it should be just a combination of some common words which can remain in human memory quite for a long time.

And in the Title area you have to be tricky so you can put part of your name here because you always have to pick a unique title for each of your blogs separately so they will show up in search engines as fast as they could. Another method is using the URL name as your Title because when some new visitors first visit your website they always look at the title first so when they want to come again they will surely type your website on the address bar first. Afterwards write the description of your blog to describe what is it all about. Better use one sentence for that but make it interesting to see.

Be creative

Then write a few articles which can attract more viewers attention due to the date. What it means is as you know world is changing everyday so you have to write about what people discuss today, not yesterday. And don't forget to add an attractive picture for your post as well.

Use Tags

The next step is when you are writing your posts there is an option called Labels on the left hand on the writing area of the page which will let you tag important keywords about your specific posts in the blog. For an instance, if you are writing about how to choose a car, then you can use the labels car, BMW, Ferrari, acceleration likewise.


After all, share your blog on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to get better views among your friends and followers. And do not forget to join your Google+ profile with your blogger account because it will also let your friends and circles know about your blog posts as quickly as they submitted. You can also submit your articles to Reddit or StumbleUpon but make sure to pick the most suitable subcategory and also your post must contain something related to people all around the world so remember to use proper English as well.

Good luck and go ahead.


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