Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nothing is real. Everything is impermanent!

After a long silence I am here to discuss few facts about good living and some of the greatest teachings of Lord Buddha. But before we begin you have to admit that I am writing this according to my own aspect and beliefs so if there is something wrong you can specify them in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

Living is not about a single lifetime. As you can already see, everyone dies and they will born again. It is called an existence or metempsychosis. What you're doing in this life not only matters to this lifetime of yours. They will come with you until you completely spend them to the very last. Just imagine if you buy a car with a two year leasing plan. You have to pay the monthly rental for two years. Otherwise you will lose the car. But karma doesn't work that way. If you do something bad or good, you have to spend the results of it no matter who you are or what you do.

Karma has two sides. If you do something good (intentionally), it will retain as good karma. If you do bad you will gain bad karma. They will pass on to your next life throughout your existence. But even there are two sides of karma they both lead us to the same thing. They both extends our existence and lead to forever continuity.

Think about our main goal which is achieving nirvana. In another words 'stopping the existence'. To do that you MUST do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to make your path ahead on the 'road to the truth' within this lifetime. You cannot predict your next life. You cannot plan it. Only thing you can do is making THIS life worthwhile.

Lets look at some practical things. If you look at your neighborhood you can see there are many successful families out there. You can see they get cars, houses and living expensive lives on their own. If you're a student you can see your colleagues getting graduated. If you're an employee you can see your work mates getting promoted. But have you ever thought about what will happen to their next life? What will they become? As I said earlier, even god cannot predict it.

Throughout your life you must do good things. If you don't you will have a hard time tomorrow. You can do your studies. You can work hard and be promoted. You can purchase expensive stuff. But always remember that you have to understand the truth about everything. Things you have purchased, things you have learned throughout your life will not come with you to your next life. Only karma will. You have to believe that everything is impermanent. When you understood you can eliminate desire, greed and lust. Then you will start to give. You will stop going after everything. And you will start realizing the need for discontinuing your existence. But before doing anything you must get rid of your ego and stop being conceited.

I personally do not have a permanent job, a girlfriend, a car or anything expensive which I can claim as mine. But why do I worry about it when I truly know that I will lose them all when I die? It is the ultimate truth. Even if you're the president you cannot change it.

Actually Lord Buddha's teachings are not religion oriented. You might be a Buddhist. You might be a Christian. You might be Islam, Hindu or an Atheist. But you all can benefit from the buddhist teachings. It is the core of every theory out there. That's why even science can't exceed it.

When you're realizing the truth about everything, you will be closer to nirvana. And you will shorten your journey throughout the existence. If you don't you will born again and again in different areas and different dimensions. And the worst case is you will never know what will you become tomorrow if you die today.

As a conclusion I'd like to say that if you read this to the end I think you've learned or at least remembered something. If you do please share this with your friends and network. I do not earn any revenue by writing this. But if you learnt something from this it's my pleasure.

"Nothing (you see, hear or feel) is real. Everything is impermanent."

Your friend
Pasan Godakanda.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Truth about Facebook: Behind the scenes of our own lives

Facebook... Back in the days when I first created my profile on there, it was a fun place where I could be able to share what I love with the people I love. There were no many features but when I have some free time I logged into my account and arranged the things on my own profile so anyone who were in my friend list could be able to see how did I look. And I did the same as well. It was 2007 though...

As time passes by, Facebook also changed from time to time. Major changes have been carried out with the start of each year so people got to adapt with those changes by themselves. Meanwhile, with the release of Apple iPhone in 2007 and android devices in 2008, everyone started to use Facebook even when they are busy or on the way to somewhere. It was a huge step in mobile social networking world so everybody including me started to love Facebook even more.

Although not everyone got happy with those huge changes introduced with the start of every year. They first start to blame Facebook including the entire staff managed by the owner Mark Zuckerberg. But not a single user stops using it due to that reason even for a day. They just blame for a while but continue using it until they adapt with those changes and finally begin to love them. That's how it is.

So, as in the middle of 2013 now we are the proud members of worlds largest fully functional social media network which knows almost everyone on this planet who use the internet! As technology advances with time everything on the internet gets better and better. Every social media network, every email system, every search engine works as a team because they are all integrated with each other now. When you tweet something on Twitter it will spread all over your friend's and follower's social media accounts across the internet. But only some of you already know how to take advantage of that.

As a daily social network user who is already addicted to Facebook I use it for few reasons. Most of the time I get lonely because of the unemployment and still being single so I use Facebook to relieve my stress. As soon as I log in first thing I do is check whether there are any event invites or birthdays are going on. Then I look at my message inbox and notifications section so if there are any I reply to them. Finally I spend some time browsing through my Facebook home page viewing my friends activities so if there are any interesting things I share them on my wall for others to see. And I know you are also doing those things like me as well. Sometimes we want to share how we feel so the right people will interact with them. People use it for different reasons. Some use it to find love while some are just using it for showing off their stuff with others. Unlike some fake adult friendly websites, Facebook has real people. It has over one billion active users by now. And the thing is while you cannot simply understand a person in real life when you first see them, you can see the real person inside them on Facebook with ease. As a highly evolutionized web platform now they use Comet and AJAX scripts so you can see what your friends are doing in real time before they even make changes to their published posts as well. Does that make any sense? Yes, it enables you to see what your friends are doing behind the screen in real time. Isn't it?

And of course, Facebook also enable us to learn many things. From human behavior to science we can learn anything with the comfort of our own home or while we are on the way to somewhere, without sitting all day hearing to those boring classroom sessions. You have many kind of people in your profile. Teachers, Doctors, Engineers or Photographers, there are many. So you can see what they share and what they do in real time. And that makes you learn. But if you prefer only chatting with your crush or playing those crappy games on Facebook all day long it makes you a fool too. Also there are load of crap in there so you got to ignore them as well. Because all those things shared by real people like you and me so they share whatever they like. However since last year they have implemented an advanced adult content filtering system so now you do not have to worry about them though still there are so many people who are spreading violence and smoking related things. Therefore my opinion is if you have a child under 18 years who use Facebook often, it's better to keep in track of his/her friend list and group activities frequently because they can be attracted to harmful things so quickly.

By the way you can see there are so many fake accounts on Facebook. And they got the highest numbers of friends and followers than a real person's account because most of them use Hollywood or Bollywood actresses cute photos as their profile pictures and that's why many people get attracted to those fake accounts faster than a real one with their original photos. Actually in many cases if you deeply find out, there will be a social marketer or a full time blogger behind most of those fake accounts because they use those profiles to attract more audience for their marketing activities. Some use this for spreading news and rumors for political purposes. Sometimes there will be large multinational companies behind those people. And that's how billions of dollars flow through the world every single day without any of us seeing or knowing.

So Facebook already became one of the largest backbones of the financial world as well. Without it many of us are still strangers. If you don't use Facebook you don't know what's going on with your family members or friends until they call you or meet you. So whatever happens I know we all have to use it for another decade for sure. In my future posts I will explain some best tips and techniques to enhance your experience on Facebook so keep in touch. Thank you and wish you all good luck!

Friday, October 5, 2012

How to receive money through paypal to sri lanka, the easy way...

I know as a freelancer in Sri Lanka the first major issue you face is that you cannot able to receive your earned income to a bank account in here because PayPal Pte Ltd only allow Sri Lankan PayPal account holders to send payments and Sri Lanka Central Bank still not looking at that matter at all. But there is a very easy and secured method to receive money through PayPal to Sri Lanka as I describe below

In this case you have to do a little trick but do not hesitate to do that because it is not illegal. OK so let's begin.

First you have to go to a Hatton National Bank branch in your area and create a savings account there. If you already have one then skip that step.

Then you will be given a form to fill for getting a HNB debit card so before filling that form go and talk to them informing that you need to activate internet money transferring facility for your card. They will then give you extra set of forms. Fill them carefully and return them to the reception informing again to ensure that they remember your need.

As I remember you have to wait for two weeks to get your debit card but make sure to call them after two weeks of requesting, then you must go to the branch again and collect your card.

After that you have to activate your new card by inserting it to the ATM machine. You can then use your card for local transactions.

Then go home and call HNB card center. Tell them you need to activate your debit card for joining a PayPal account. They will then ask you a few personal questions and ask you how much longer do you want to activate it. You can tell them to activate permanently but I recommend you to activate for a year. After that year has been passed you can again call them and ask to activate.

Now you are almost done so let's begin the connecting process of your card to a verified PayPal account.

Open up your internet browser and go to and click Sign Up. If you already have a Sri Lankan PayPal account you also have to create a new account as I say because you can only send money via your Sri Lankan account but cannot receive.

As the screenshot above, choose Malaysia as your country. Then click Get Started button for a Premier account (Premier accounts have cheaper rates than Personal accounts when sending and receiving money). Fill in the details of yours in the given form but always use your real name and real details as you provided for your bank account, otherwise your account will be banned from the system. Leave the country as Malaysia but use your real personal address for the rest.

After creating log in to your account and click Profile>Add edit credit cards. Fill the details as mentioned in your HNB debit card and finish up the process. Then wait for two days and go to your PayPal account home. Click Get verified. It will ask you for a four digit number. Now call HNB card center again and ask for the PayPal verification code. They will again ask you some questions and provide you the code. Enter it in the field and your done.

Now you have a verified fully functional international PayPal account so you can use it to receive and send money to anywhere around the world. Your received money will transfer to your HNB bank account so you do not have worry about it either.

Using the HNB debit card will not cost you any yearly fees or hidden charges as Sampath web card do. I always prefer it no matter what.

Enjoy earning and buying!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog or Website using Easy and Effective Methods!

In this article we discuss easy and effective methods to increase your blog traffic without wasting time for instance, paying attention to search engine optimization. What you write is all that matters.

When I search through the internet, the most discussed topics I can see are always about 'How you can increase your website views and traffic easily' but most of these articles which claims to have the easiest methods to increase traffic cannot be understood by a newbie when he/she just started his or her first blog for the first time and is looking for something easy to help them with increasing page views. So all you need is a simple guide that will show you how to increase your blog traffic effectively using simple techniques.

Pick the most perfect

To achieve that we need to look at how our blog URL looks like so be creative in this always. is not a good URL to put in your blog. Why bother waiting I can show you a good example of my own experience. Just look at most famous website URLs on the internet today. Did they mention some name or any personal information in the URL? No, it should be just a combination of some common words which can remain in human memory quite for a long time.

And in the Title area you have to be tricky so you can put part of your name here because you always have to pick a unique title for each of your blogs separately so they will show up in search engines as fast as they could. Another method is using the URL name as your Title because when some new visitors first visit your website they always look at the title first so when they want to come again they will surely type your website on the address bar first. Afterwards write the description of your blog to describe what is it all about. Better use one sentence for that but make it interesting to see.

Be creative

Then write a few articles which can attract more viewers attention due to the date. What it means is as you know world is changing everyday so you have to write about what people discuss today, not yesterday. And don't forget to add an attractive picture for your post as well.

Use Tags

The next step is when you are writing your posts there is an option called Labels on the left hand on the writing area of the page which will let you tag important keywords about your specific posts in the blog. For an instance, if you are writing about how to choose a car, then you can use the labels car, BMW, Ferrari, acceleration likewise.


After all, share your blog on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to get better views among your friends and followers. And do not forget to join your Google+ profile with your blogger account because it will also let your friends and circles know about your blog posts as quickly as they submitted. You can also submit your articles to Reddit or StumbleUpon but make sure to pick the most suitable subcategory and also your post must contain something related to people all around the world so remember to use proper English as well.

Good luck and go ahead.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As you may already noticed Google's domain switching function is currently disabled due to a very long maintenance as they say. So when you purchase a domain name through Google, GoDaddy or whatever service you prefer, you cannot use it to your Blogger blog since the issue occurred. And we're still waiting with the faith thinking that one day soon they will solve it though...
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