Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog or Website using Easy and Effective Methods!

In this article we discuss easy and effective methods to increase your blog traffic without wasting time for instance, paying attention to search engine optimization. What you write is all that matters.

When I search through the internet, the most discussed topics I can see are always about 'How you can increase your website views and traffic easily' but most of these articles which claims to have the easiest methods to increase traffic cannot be understood by a newbie when he/she just started his or her first blog for the first time and is looking for something easy to help them with increasing page views. So all you need is a simple guide that will show you how to increase your blog traffic effectively using simple techniques.

Pick the most perfect

To achieve that we need to look at how our blog URL looks like so be creative in this always. is not a good URL to put in your blog. Why bother waiting I can show you a good example of my own experience. Just look at most famous website URLs on the internet today. Did they mention some name or any personal information in the URL? No, it should be just a combination of some common words which can remain in human memory quite for a long time.

And in the Title area you have to be tricky so you can put part of your name here because you always have to pick a unique title for each of your blogs separately so they will show up in search engines as fast as they could. Another method is using the URL name as your Title because when some new visitors first visit your website they always look at the title first so when they want to come again they will surely type your website on the address bar first. Afterwards write the description of your blog to describe what is it all about. Better use one sentence for that but make it interesting to see.

Be creative

Then write a few articles which can attract more viewers attention due to the date. What it means is as you know world is changing everyday so you have to write about what people discuss today, not yesterday. And don't forget to add an attractive picture for your post as well.

Use Tags

The next step is when you are writing your posts there is an option called Labels on the left hand on the writing area of the page which will let you tag important keywords about your specific posts in the blog. For an instance, if you are writing about how to choose a car, then you can use the labels car, BMW, Ferrari, acceleration likewise.


After all, share your blog on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to get better views among your friends and followers. And do not forget to join your Google+ profile with your blogger account because it will also let your friends and circles know about your blog posts as quickly as they submitted. You can also submit your articles to Reddit or StumbleUpon but make sure to pick the most suitable subcategory and also your post must contain something related to people all around the world so remember to use proper English as well.

Good luck and go ahead.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As you may already noticed Google's domain switching function is currently disabled due to a very long maintenance as they say. So when you purchase a domain name through Google, GoDaddy or whatever service you prefer, you cannot use it to your Blogger blog since the issue occurred. And we're still waiting with the faith thinking that one day soon they will solve it though...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Building a perfect PC for your photography work...

OK here I am gonna discuss about how you should build your new PC or modify your already owned one to get more efficient use for your photography things. So first we must think about the benefits having such a good PC for those things.

As a photographer I guess you already care lot about the look and feel of the things which you capture on the way.  After you capture them what you always wanted to do is edit and optimize them using a computer for a better look. Because we all know that when we capture something at a naked place like a beach or a jungle or wherever, lot of interferences will affect the photos we capture due to unpredictable lighting conditions and our own physical or mental conditions as well. Then the outputs we get after that will never come in handy like we expected before and that's why we need a little editing after all.

Whether you are a professional photographer or do those things just as a hobby in most cases I know you use a digital SLR camera than an old fashioned analog camera these days. And the outputs you get from your camera are kind of heavy when comparing with the outputs get from a point and shoot camera so you need a good computer for better editing and do optimizations with those.

First thing we need to look for is a good processor. If you regularly use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom like software it is always advisable to go for at least a Core 2 duo or better processor with at least 2MB of catch memory because when it comes to 2D graphics editing and large scale image manipulation your CPU (processor) will get more attention than your graphic card (Quad core will always do better).

Mainstream graphics cards outclassed the needs of 2D applications long ago. Most of the things that Photoshop will be slow on are the result of CPU and RAM intensive tasks, not display issues. Photoshop will occasionally use the 3D aspect of your video card to do certain transformations, but many photographers and designers will never even use those specific filters in the first place.

When you load up a huge image in Photoshop, it's not going onto your VRAM, only your 'screen' does. When you apply a lens blur filter, it's your main CPU that is doing all the complex specialized (and in this case likely proprietary) math, not a generic video card GPU. Even when you zoom in and out of your image, it's not a case of the graphics card scaling a window, and is why text gets fuzzy in such instances.

Though with the release of Photoshop CS4 and CS5 they say you can get advantage of your graphic card with the support of GPU acceleration, releasing your CPU load for other things (multitasking). But as my personal experience you can never get 100% satisfaction about this GPU acceleration support because whether you have the most powerful graphics card in the market, it still need your PC to have a good CPU for better operation because heavy 2D graphics work will never use 100% of your VRAM (only 5% to 20% at most) and it needs up to 80% of the CPU load instead.


Let's get back to the topic so then we need a fast RAM which can handle a large amount of data with fast transfer speed between the CPU and the storage so your editing will happen quick and fast. I would recommend at least 2GB of DDR2 or DDR3 RAM with 800+ bus speed for your built (nowadays you can get a pair of dual channel DDR3 4GBs for cheap).

Then it's the time for choosing a suitable graphics card for your system. In 1990's when we need to do any 2D work we always needed a good graphics card for the job because at that era there were no any motherboard integrated graphics chips and to fulfill each task we needed a separate part for that. Matrox and ATI acted a major role in computers used by professional photographers. But nowadays we all know that every cheap motherboard comes with integrated graphics chip which can handle high definition videos and do most 2D works for everyday use. If you are a laptop PC owner you also know that your laptop has a integrated or dedicated graphics chip as well (dedicated chips are better). By the way when you are building your PC you don't have to pick a very expensive graphics card because most of them are intended for 3D manipulation and high end gaming. But in my personal experience I know a decent separate graphics card will outrun any integrated chip by a lot. And when it comes to panorama or HDR image creation you will always need a graphics card which supports them. So we can make a guess here. I would say all the 100$+ cards are for gaming and under 100$ cards are mainly intended for HD video playback and fast 2D tasks so you can get an AMD (previously ATI) radeon HD 5450 for under 5500Rs (40$) or HD 6450 for under 7500Rs. ATI were always better than Nvidia when it comes to 2D image tasks handling (Nvidia always target gaming market than professional work) and the monitor outputs are crystal clear and vivid. Although if you are an owner of a large scale photography firm and looking for something more suitable for industry work there are workstation graphics cards for you too. But they are highly expensive (sometimes cost more than 1500$) and gives you the opportunity to get ultra multitasking with more than four monitors. Nvidia Quadro series and AMD Fire Pro series are the major ones today. When you want to get a laptop for doing your things go for something with dedicated graphics chip like AMD 6370M, Nvidia GT230M or better.

We can consider about the storage device according to your usage requirements but to get the fast performance of the PC you need to get a fast SATA hard drive or a SSD (320GB/500GB SATA III 3 GB/s drive will be suitable).

Now comes an important one, the monitor. Nowadays most people choose LED monitors because of their low power consumption and the unbeatable quality. When choosing this you need to look whether it supports high resolutions with the minimal response time (2ms or 5ms is good). And go for a good brand like Viewsonic, Sony or anything which can satisfy your eyes. Though look whether they can connect to your PC through DVI or HDMI interfaces because many cheap monitors still comes with only analog VGA support. When you are using the analog mode the picture manipulated by your PC will always differ than what you see on the monitor screen. Because when converting the digital signals to analog signals by the graphics card that will cause a quality loss so you will not get the 100% quality image onto the display with that. If you are doing heavy photo editing you will need a two monitor setup. Separate graphic cards can help you with that too.

Oh and finally you can pick other parts such as power supply unit, casing, motherboard, keyboard/mouse and speakers to match your previously discussed peripherals so I am not gonna talk about them now. Well I think you can get some idea about choosing something to help you with your everyday photography work so good luck with that.

Read my previous post to learn more...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tips for choosing a Laptop/Notebook to match your busy lifestyle

Nowadays many people buy Laptop computers instead of buying desktops because most of them want to use their PC's during every time in the day so they have to carry it wherever they go.
In this article I am going to show you how to buy a good Laptop computer with all the features you need for a reasonable price.
First thing you have to consider is it's processor so look for intel i5/i7 or AMD phenom II or Athlon X4/X6 CPUs but do not go for Intel Atom or AMD Turion CPUs because they are so much weak and only capable of browsing internet and handling documents.
Then look for other things like Hard disk, Graphics processor and so on. In my opinion I would like to say if it has 320/500GB hard disk that's enough because you can extend the storage lately as you need by buying some additional external hard drives but you cannot replace the Graphics processor comes with it because it cost you more than you think so especially look for a perfect GPU for a good performance. I recommend you to look for AMD Radeon HD5000/6000/7000 series or Nvidia Geforce GTX 300/400/500 series for better gaming and better look. 1GB or 2GB is good enough for GPU memory because it is not the main memory of your PC so it only affects when you do large scale 3D manipulations..
After that go for a good RAM. Look for 4GB or 6/8GB RAM because if you have enough money it will not waste.
Afterwards see if the display fits enough for you. It has to be a HD widescreen LED display that fits into the recent movies and blue ray playback.
Then you can consider other things such as Hi Def audio devices, Web cams, Wifi/Bluetooth, eSATA ports etc but most of them comes with all of the above features already so you do not have to worry much.
Finally You can choose a good design that fits you the most but specially look for a strong and light weight one if you travel a lot.
You may think why didn't I mention about brands but this is why most of the people know about good brands like Dell, Toshiba, HP, Asus likewise. Anyway I recommend you not to choose Acer, Lenovo or HP/Compaq because they are over priced but does not have a good performance or quality that previous ones do.
And I think you can find a good one around 800-1000 dollars at a reasonable store. Well do not forget to ask for a good warranty like 2 or 3 years international.

Thanks and keep in touch.
(This article is kinda old because I wrote it a year ago but I hope you can still find it useful anyways)

How to build a custom desktop PC that best suits your needs

First you have to lookout for a good combination of CPU and motherboard so do not go for a cheap motherboard that has very limited expansion slots and one that has no support for future products.

Well in this case I recommend you to buy a mobo (motherboard) that supports most recent memory technology such as DDR3 and has at least one PCI express slot, 2 dual channel enabled RAM slots (if you can find a one with 4 slots that'd be great), onboard HD sound, gigabit LAN, SATA III ports, USB 3 ports and specially look for at least 1 IDE port because if you ever have to connect old hard disk or a CD/DVD drive that would be a big problem. And keep in mind that many recent mobo manufacturers target their recent products only for recent and future products so you have to search more than one store if you want to have a good configuration like that (look for Biostar, Asus, Intel, Asrock, Gigabyte mobos but do not go for cheaper ones like Foxconn, Mercury).

Then look for a good graphic card because I think you already know that onboard VGA sucks. So take a look for a decent product built with an AMD Radeon HD series chip or Nvidia Gforce GTX series chip. But in this matter if you want more performance go for Nvidia solution though always mind that in my experience I knew that Radeon chips are better with quality than the performance (XFX, Gigabyte, Sapphire, Asus, Zotac those are good brands).

After that you have to buy dual channel enabled RAM bundle (at least 4GB bundle) because when it comes to gaming you can feel a great performance by installing same type dual channel memory into your PC. Kingston RAMs are good but if you have some more bucks in your hand look for Patriot, Corsair or Gskill memories because they are great for gaming.

Then go for a hard disk possibly a SATA II 500GB or more because storage is very essential nowadays.Though if you seek more performance for super speed gaming and graphic designing you can install a high speed SSD drive as the primary HDD so then you can install the operating system on it but they are so expensive (mostly a 64GB one cost around 150 dollars).

Now it is the time to look for a good casing so find a strong one made with aluminum and plastic because if you can find that kind of one it will last long for many years without corrosion. And you can find a good one with many facilities such as many USB ports, memory card readers, fan speed controllers and so on. But especially check it's ventilation system with good fans/cooling system because as it affect for temperature inside your PC it also guarantees a good lifetime too. Then the most important thing comes up which is you have have find out a good power supply unit that best fits to your PC so always go for something like Cooler Master, Antec, Corsair or any branded one which has 80+ certification on it because if you buy a cheap china made unbranded PSU it will not guarantee your PC for at least 6 months. With a good quality branded PSU you can ensure your newly built systems lifetime for at least 3 or 4 years without any physical damage to it's peripherals in it.
After all when you going to buy a monitor specially look for a modern one such as widescreen (16:9) HD LED with 18" or more inches because when you are going to watch a new movie definitly you can feel the difference between an old one with that.
Finally you can buy anything that suits you such as a good sound system (do not buy cheap desktop speakers so lookout for a subwoofer system) and comfortable keyboard and mouse (for the keyboard and mouse I recommend you to search for Logitech brand because no one believes that I am still using my old KB/mouse for 9 years already).
So that's etc but do not forget to use an UPS or a surge protected power protector/multi socket for your PC for the safety.

Good luck and thanks for reading.
(This article is kinda old because I wrote it a year ago but I hope still you can find it useful anyways)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's best? iPhone, Android or Nokia? You decide!

When I searching through forums or just hanging out with my friends, I can always see everyone struggling about today's mobile phones. While someone say Apple iPhone is the best others compete that Android phones got more features. And of course some still prefers Nokia as well. So here we discuss all of them in different aspects.


Considering about features nowadays we can see that most Android phones got all the features old Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones had with the combination of iPhone features as well. As you may already know Apple do not offer users much network facilities such as move data between devices using bluetooth and inbuilt FM radio receivers. While Nokia is struggling among quality of the products to get their users attention, Android devices easily win this competition with ease. Because they have all the features with good quality compared to previous era Nokias. Considering about the maps iPhones do not has a free map service including point to point voice navigation like Androids do and with Nokia maps you can navigate without an internet connection but as their other features maps are inaccurate in all ways and even has many bugs as well. So Google maps win among them easily.


Even though Apple iPhone lack with features which previous generation had it is the most stable mobile phone yet to be discovered in the market so I can say if you get an iPhone you can get 100% satisfaction about the only features they have because they are made with highest quality materials by a company holding it's name for making best computers in the history of the IT since a long time ago. And I would like to mention one of my personal experiences here so I had an iPhone 3G in 2008 and it surprise me for a long time with the features it had at that time. Even it never had any trouble such as files corrupting or phone getting stuck all the time like most Nokias do. But after few months it got broken due to a mistake by a friend (glass broke) then I replaced the glass after a while but sadly again it had broken by mistakenly pulled out ribbon inside it by my brother. Though I can still turn on the phone and do regular things like listening to songs, watching videos and playing games but camera won't work and front speaker has been broken. By the way what I wanted to let you know is even though it has been partially broken I can still access to my previous set of music albums and Apps without a single glitch but when we think about Nokia, no one can survive their data for months in a Nokia phone without corruption. Many cheap Android phones have that issue as well because they are made by different companies outside Google where mismatching will be occur sometimes. So I say iPhone is like a branded computer. You cannot buy a branded PC for cheaper than an assembled one because all the peripherals are configured to perfectly match each other. And you can add contents to an iPhone only by synchronizing it with an authorized computer that has an iTunes library owned by you. So remember that it is the thing which makes them perform very table when playing music videos or playing games because the synchronization will only add content to your device only if they are fully compatible with your phone.It makes you enjoy very smooth playback of the content you own.

One other thing! I don't know whether you remember or not when the first iPhone came out in 2007 there were no any device that had many features it had n handy. It was the first full multi touch smartphone which can still beat most Nokia and Android phones by far. It was the only mobile phone which had an accelerometer and screen rotation. And it featured the best integrated sound combining worlds best portable media player, iPod, with their new phone. So If you still believe the phrase 'Old is gold', then iPhone got 'em all first.


Before 2007 people used to bring their Nintendo DS or Sony PSP wherever they go for playing video games. But when the Apple releases iPhone everyone started to realize that it has an inbuilt accelerometer with good quality hardware like the A4 processor with good graphics so mobile gamers started to buy iPhones instead of portable gaming machines. But in recent years we can see some Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S III feature far more better hardware than iPhone so I would say if you want to do realistic gaming like when you do using your PC, then you can choose among few phones which has good hardware for it (HTC ONE X and Galaxy S III features worlds best mobile GPUs Nvidia Geforce Tegra 3 and Mali-400MP). But as most video game developers aim iPhone market than Android, major games first comes out for iPhones and then for the Androids. We cannot mention Nokia in here because we all know Nokia sucks when it comes to games.

Application support

As Googles big talks they still don't have much Apps in the Google play than Apple App store already got. While Google play has 480,000+ apps Apple store has more than 640,000 apps by the June 2012. And due to various differences between Android phones not all of them support those apps but any iPhone (3GS to 4S) can run any app in there App store without any slowdown as well. Nokia just features few major apps that best suitable for their phones and others are made by 3rd party companies so most of them has compatibility issues and you cannot get much stability with them (they cause slow downs all the time). However with the release of their new Lumia series with Windows mobile it can be quite compared to the Google play but still Apple wins.

Battery Life

When considering this we cannot see much difference between iPhones and Androids because they all survive for lower than a day with heavy use. But Nokia had their name on the battery life since their earliest mobile phones like 1100 and even a latest full touch mobile by Nokia can be used without charging for two or three days.


This is not a new thing to you because you already know that iPhones are not available for cheap like it always did and will cost you more than 800$ to 1000$ sometimes. But as Androids are made by different companies they are available in different sizes and with different features so you can still purchase a decent one for 200$ and if you want to beat iPhone then you have to waste 800$ still. Talking about Nokia hey offer different models per different price scales like they always did so you can get a cheap one for 70$ and a full touch phone for 250$. If you wanna go extreme to compete with Androids and iPhones you must pay 700$+.


Well I hope you already got some idea about what to choose according to your needs but here's what I think about them all.

If you're a hard worker and looking for something that can last for a long time and has good battery life you much choose a suitable Nokia phone unless you will run out of battery during your busy day or you can even easily break that fancy Android or an iPhone by a mistake.
If you want to get everything out of your mobile phone and you care about large screen size then you must get an Android phone that best fits your needs.
Or else if you prefer to be genuine then go for an iPhone because your purchase Apps and music will never get corrupted easily like other phones do. Even with the Apple logo in the back you can always trust your mobile than your computer sometimes as well. So it is up to you from now to decide what to choose for your needs because I can only give suggestions. If you think that I wrote this article to show you what I LIKE, it is wrong because for now I use a Nokia from 2009 and it sucks. However no matter what phone you buy you have to take care of it. I can say mobile phones not made out of stones so they can be also break like all other physical things do.

Good luck for you always!

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