Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Truth about Facebook: Behind the scenes of our own lives

Facebook... Back in the days when I first created my profile on there, it was a fun place where I could be able to share what I love with the people I love. There were no many features but when I have some free time I logged into my account and arranged the things on my own profile so anyone who were in my friend list could be able to see how did I look. And I did the same as well. It was 2007 though...

As time passes by, Facebook also changed from time to time. Major changes have been carried out with the start of each year so people got to adapt with those changes by themselves. Meanwhile, with the release of Apple iPhone in 2007 and android devices in 2008, everyone started to use Facebook even when they are busy or on the way to somewhere. It was a huge step in mobile social networking world so everybody including me started to love Facebook even more.

Although not everyone got happy with those huge changes introduced with the start of every year. They first start to blame Facebook including the entire staff managed by the owner Mark Zuckerberg. But not a single user stops using it due to that reason even for a day. They just blame for a while but continue using it until they adapt with those changes and finally begin to love them. That's how it is.

So, as in the middle of 2013 now we are the proud members of worlds largest fully functional social media network which knows almost everyone on this planet who use the internet! As technology advances with time everything on the internet gets better and better. Every social media network, every email system, every search engine works as a team because they are all integrated with each other now. When you tweet something on Twitter it will spread all over your friend's and follower's social media accounts across the internet. But only some of you already know how to take advantage of that.

As a daily social network user who is already addicted to Facebook I use it for few reasons. Most of the time I get lonely because of the unemployment and still being single so I use Facebook to relieve my stress. As soon as I log in first thing I do is check whether there are any event invites or birthdays are going on. Then I look at my message inbox and notifications section so if there are any I reply to them. Finally I spend some time browsing through my Facebook home page viewing my friends activities so if there are any interesting things I share them on my wall for others to see. And I know you are also doing those things like me as well. Sometimes we want to share how we feel so the right people will interact with them. People use it for different reasons. Some use it to find love while some are just using it for showing off their stuff with others. Unlike some fake adult friendly websites, Facebook has real people. It has over one billion active users by now. And the thing is while you cannot simply understand a person in real life when you first see them, you can see the real person inside them on Facebook with ease. As a highly evolutionized web platform now they use Comet and AJAX scripts so you can see what your friends are doing in real time before they even make changes to their published posts as well. Does that make any sense? Yes, it enables you to see what your friends are doing behind the screen in real time. Isn't it?

And of course, Facebook also enable us to learn many things. From human behavior to science we can learn anything with the comfort of our own home or while we are on the way to somewhere, without sitting all day hearing to those boring classroom sessions. You have many kind of people in your profile. Teachers, Doctors, Engineers or Photographers, there are many. So you can see what they share and what they do in real time. And that makes you learn. But if you prefer only chatting with your crush or playing those crappy games on Facebook all day long it makes you a fool too. Also there are load of crap in there so you got to ignore them as well. Because all those things shared by real people like you and me so they share whatever they like. However since last year they have implemented an advanced adult content filtering system so now you do not have to worry about them though still there are so many people who are spreading violence and smoking related things. Therefore my opinion is if you have a child under 18 years who use Facebook often, it's better to keep in track of his/her friend list and group activities frequently because they can be attracted to harmful things so quickly.

By the way you can see there are so many fake accounts on Facebook. And they got the highest numbers of friends and followers than a real person's account because most of them use Hollywood or Bollywood actresses cute photos as their profile pictures and that's why many people get attracted to those fake accounts faster than a real one with their original photos. Actually in many cases if you deeply find out, there will be a social marketer or a full time blogger behind most of those fake accounts because they use those profiles to attract more audience for their marketing activities. Some use this for spreading news and rumors for political purposes. Sometimes there will be large multinational companies behind those people. And that's how billions of dollars flow through the world every single day without any of us seeing or knowing.

So Facebook already became one of the largest backbones of the financial world as well. Without it many of us are still strangers. If you don't use Facebook you don't know what's going on with your family members or friends until they call you or meet you. So whatever happens I know we all have to use it for another decade for sure. In my future posts I will explain some best tips and techniques to enhance your experience on Facebook so keep in touch. Thank you and wish you all good luck!

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