Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tips for choosing a Laptop/Notebook to match your busy lifestyle

Nowadays many people buy Laptop computers instead of buying desktops because most of them want to use their PC's during every time in the day so they have to carry it wherever they go.
In this article I am going to show you how to buy a good Laptop computer with all the features you need for a reasonable price.
First thing you have to consider is it's processor so look for intel i5/i7 or AMD phenom II or Athlon X4/X6 CPUs but do not go for Intel Atom or AMD Turion CPUs because they are so much weak and only capable of browsing internet and handling documents.
Then look for other things like Hard disk, Graphics processor and so on. In my opinion I would like to say if it has 320/500GB hard disk that's enough because you can extend the storage lately as you need by buying some additional external hard drives but you cannot replace the Graphics processor comes with it because it cost you more than you think so especially look for a perfect GPU for a good performance. I recommend you to look for AMD Radeon HD5000/6000/7000 series or Nvidia Geforce GTX 300/400/500 series for better gaming and better look. 1GB or 2GB is good enough for GPU memory because it is not the main memory of your PC so it only affects when you do large scale 3D manipulations..
After that go for a good RAM. Look for 4GB or 6/8GB RAM because if you have enough money it will not waste.
Afterwards see if the display fits enough for you. It has to be a HD widescreen LED display that fits into the recent movies and blue ray playback.
Then you can consider other things such as Hi Def audio devices, Web cams, Wifi/Bluetooth, eSATA ports etc but most of them comes with all of the above features already so you do not have to worry much.
Finally You can choose a good design that fits you the most but specially look for a strong and light weight one if you travel a lot.
You may think why didn't I mention about brands but this is why most of the people know about good brands like Dell, Toshiba, HP, Asus likewise. Anyway I recommend you not to choose Acer, Lenovo or HP/Compaq because they are over priced but does not have a good performance or quality that previous ones do.
And I think you can find a good one around 800-1000 dollars at a reasonable store. Well do not forget to ask for a good warranty like 2 or 3 years international.

Thanks and keep in touch.
(This article is kinda old because I wrote it a year ago but I hope you can still find it useful anyways)


  1. Your website computer picture very nice.

  2. Nice laptop photo. A touch of glare looks sexy.

    You can also try what laptop is right for me to help you choose. They have a little quiz section that asks you what is important or not.

  3. Thanks.. It is a HP DV6 series laptop with Beats audio and 3D screen


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