Thursday, August 30, 2012

Important tip for a healthy life..!!

As you may already know, what I am gonna talking about is how the probiotics can be effective for a healthy living. But the sad thing is most people think that only the food comes with huge brand names such as probiotic yoghurt, are the only effective ones that has the ability to fight with harmful bacterial organisms inside our body. Though since 1000's of years our ancient people used to get various kinds of natural food that has MANY KINDS of probiotics. According to the Wikipedia, evidence of fermented beverages have been found in the ancient city of Babylon dated about 5000 BC.
First we have to exactly know what are the Probiotics and benefits they provide before we move to the next part. Okey, so we know that many probiotic food are actually produced by the action of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts or a combination of both. These invisible microorganisms break down sugars and carbohydrates in the foods and make them more digestible and more nutritious for us. We also know that when we ingest more of these gut-friendly microbes, which bear long names like lactobacillus acidophilus, they would help to control the amount of harmful bacteria in our body and prevent them from growing out of control. But there is another thing to consider is that each of these different kinds of probiotic foods have their own bacterial organisms that plays various kinds of different roles in our body.

Well now you know the importance of including probiotics to our daily life through the daily diets though now comes the question which food contains them?
Here is a short list of foodstuffs that you can find everywhere but there are few other better products exist but I know you cannot find them easily in a country like Sri Lanka because most of them are traditional Japanese and Korean foods.

1. Yoghurt (Only the products made with natural milk other than artificial flavours)

2. Dark Chocolate (Not the ones in light brown colour comes in huge brand names in Sri lanka. These products commonly comes in super dark brown and they stat it on their package)

3. Jelly crystals made with Microalgae

4. Curd

5. Pickles (අච්චාරු)

6. Kefir (is a unique fermented milk  drink made with Kefir grains, available in most asian and european countries)

Ok now you are used to include the probiotic food into your everyday life so what to do next? As I early mentioned probiotics are microorganisms made up with various kinds of friendly bacteria so they also need food for live longer and do their job inside our human body. Then what we need to do is getting Prebiotics with the combination of probiotics for our daily routine so they can last longer and spread quickly. As I said Prebiotics are the food for probiotic bacteria so here is a list of many prebiotic food that we can include in our meals.

1. Garlic

2. Leeks

3. Onion

4. Asparagus (හාතාවාරිය)

5. Wheat flour

6. Artichoke (සූරියකාන්ත අල)

7. Many other greens

Mm now you also know the importance of feeding the friendly bacterial organisms living in our body so all you have to do is planning your everyday diets well and including those Probiotic and Prebiotic food into your daily meals with other nutritious fruits and vegetables, then your life will be much better. But do not forget to do daily exercises because eating those meals also needs to process inside our body so exercises will greatly improve it's speed and effectiveness.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all for a good and healthy life.

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